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Professional supplier of top brand home security alarm systems. Sell new solar beams perimeter security equipment, fire alarm system, smoke detector, gas sensor. Vedard Security is China leading supplier and technical supporter for home security system installing. The products are the most advanced technology solar powered wireless beams detector, coded smoke detector, automatic dialer and voice operation smart phone App supported smart wireless GSM home alarm control panel with all types detection system, signal sounder, siren strobe, hooter and horn warning systems.


New Perimeter security system solar beams

New Perimeter security system solar beams

$ 78.11 |  $ 10.15

Valid Until December 01, 2017

Solar beam is the most advanced technology security system to protect private garden, fence, wall, balcony. Easy installing and maintenance perimeter security equipment. It works as light wall to against intrusion to private place of home business.

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