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At SKV Attorneys Inc. we place a high value on providing personal and business legal services matched with outstanding practical solutions to our clients. Through the cultivation of a stellar reputation, our leading approaches and strategies have been geared towards success within the most complex legal territories.
Our foundation is highly enforced through the ideals of integrity, honesty and unique customer service. We rely on our proven skills to satisfy the demand for efficient and outstanding legal services. We believe the law should serve every individual, and we strive to make it more accessible.
Our Primary law service offering includes: Family Law, Divorce Law, Litigation, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Conveyancing & the handling of all correspondent work. We provide professional legal advice and representation for a multitude of cases including criminal cases, divorce and custody cases, contractual disputes and property cases, personal injury cases and much more.
We handle all forms of family law including divorce proceedings, antenuptial contracts, family trusts, various protection orders and wills. Let us be your voice. Our Litigation services range from disputes between private persons and companies to various forms of contractual & property disputes. Our criminal law offering encompasses aspects such as bail applications, driving under the influence, offenses against people & crimes against property.


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