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Weddings are special occasions that need to be preserved through time and what better way to do so than hiring one of the best Calgary wedding photographers out there. In fact one of the best professional photographers you can trust is Emily Exon who started up. As you go through her work on the site and check out her Portfolio, you will be able to see the quality of work she has been doing over the years since she did her first ever wedding shoot in 2010. You will get to witness all the details and the exceptional artistry that goes to each photo. It is also very helpful to see the different point of views shared by those clients that she has been able to photograph. On the Cheer Squad section, you will be able to see the satisfaction extended by her clients from the work that they had received for their wedding. In her site Emily also extends her ideas about photography and shares her point of view about her other life passions through her blog. You can get ideas about wedding venues and other interesting topics like wine and travel through her blog entries and articles. If you are looking to find the best photographer who can capture your wedding take the chance to hire Emily Exon to do the job for you. Get to relive your wedding day over and over again as she captures the most wonderful moments that she knows you will forever cherish through her exceptional photographs.


Auburn Shores Crescent SE
Calgary, AB T3M 0Y4

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