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U12, 3/19 Market Street, Adelaide, South Africa 5000, Australia
At Civil Lawyers Adelaide, we fully understand the mental anxiety and emotional stress that can be associated with a long drawn out battle in court. We try to provide cost effective legal services so that members of all communities can find justice i
5th Floor, Zhong Rui Business Plaza, No.24, North Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China, 200061
Conshine Law Firm, is a Chinese Law Firm, specializing in Intellectual Property (IP) Law and litigation. It is also a Trademark agency authorized by National Trademark Bureau.
6 Beacon Street, Suite 710, Boston, Massachusetts 02108, United States
Our firm represents a wide range of clients interested in protecting their inventions with patents and their trademarks with trademark registrations.
206 Queen Street East, Hastings, Hawkes Bay 4122, New Zealand
We have the expertise to identify potential legal issues, to help you make important decisions, and to realise your goals. We’re your legal champions for all reasons and at all stages of life.
2225 E. Bayshore Road, Oakland, California 94303, United States
Nwamu helps their client to protect the property including patents and trademark.
G-160, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana, India 122017, 122017
Akash Kashyap, Esq. is committed to provide online free and paid legal help to resolve legal issues by providing consultation and opinion to people whose rights are infringed or require legal assistance in respect of various legal matters.
, United States
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