Ways Water Can Damage Your Structures

Ways Water Can Damage Your Structures

Water can benefit us in many ways; however, it can be one of nature’s most destructive elements in construction. When embarking on a new project, it can be tempting to cut cost corners by holding off on hiring a waterproofing contractor. But you may end up with paying more. Why? Read more about some ways water can damage your structures to see why an expert in waterproofing matters.

Freeze-Thaw Cycles

Freeze-thaw damage happens to concrete when water can seep into concrete and later, when temperatures drop below freezing and water turns to ice. The resulting ice expands, pushing apart concrete and causing cracks. Repeated cycles of freezing and thawing continue to cause destruction to sidewalks, stucco walls and other construction structures.

Steam Damage

When waterproofing isn’t right at the start, it will become much costly, and time-consuming to fix the damage. Steam can be a surprisingly destructive element in buildings. The classic example is when a bathroom is built with no attention to waterproofing and it’s assumed that tile and epoxy grout will repel water. Thus, steam seeps in and soon water begins running down walls. A waterproofing contractor can prevent this problem in building locker rooms and other damp areas to promote the long-term stability of the structure.


Flooding is the most obvious threat when a building is built at or below ground level.  Appropriate waterproofing from a professional waterproofing contractor is critical.  It is essential to take steps in waterproofing to avoid leaks and flooding that will erode your foundation and entire building structures.


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