Three Reasons for Concrete Repairs

Three Reasons for Concrete Repairs

Concrete is known as versatile, durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective material used in construction. But even this king of all building materials isn’t quite invincible. Concrete can fall prey to failure and when that happens, concrete repair is required. How can your solid concrete surface or concrete deck to develop crack, pitting and scaling? Here are some of the reasons for conrete repair.

Changes in Weather

Due to changes in moisture and temperature, concrete has the tendency to expand and shrink. Freeze-thaw cycle is the main deterioration in concrete. In cold climates, concrete is exposed to water via rain or snow, then, when temperatures drop, the moisture freezes. Pressure is produced as it expands, leading to the cracking, scaling and pitting of the concrete.


Concrete in hi-rise buildings is designed with specific loads determined from building codes. The loading limits are based on the density or strength of the concrete, the placement or reinforcement bars, and other factors. When too much weight or other stress is put on a concrete structure, concrete may be damaged or fail.

Sulfate Damage

Sulfates can attack concrete by reacting with cement elements, resulting in loss of strength and cohesion.   Concrete exposed to wet or dry cycling has greater chance for the sulfate attack.

Concrete is the ideal choice due to diverse and flexible, durable and reliable. But its strength has limits. If the concrete structures in your building’s parking lots, stairs, balconies are showing the signs of damage by any reasons, find the right solutions with concrete repair.

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