Some Myths about Stucco

Some Myths about Stucco

Stucco - a low-cost, durable and fungus resistant material - is applied to interior and exterior walls of many buildings. Whether you’re just starting to research stucco or are ready to pick a stucco contractor, it’s worth it to learn the truth about stucco to separate from what’s false. Here are some of the main myths about stucco.

Myth #1: Stucco Will Require Many Crack Repairs

Cracks in stucco walls of buildings are formed because freshly- applied stucco is vulnerable to high winds and can wick away moisture. The good news is that while stucco can definitely crack, you won’t necessarily need to worry about constant repairs. Hairline cracks less than 1/16 of an inch and not extending larger require no repair.

Myth #2: Stucco Cannot Be Painted

This is a myth because stucco can be painted any color and make sure you use a paint made specifically for use with stucco surfaces. In fact, in order to maintain the coating of your building, you should probably have a professional stucco contractor painting your stucco surfaces at least once every 10 years.

Myth #3: Stucco Inspection is Hard

Over the years, there is the chance of invasive water damage taking hold behind the stucco; therefore, the older stucco structures will in fact need inspection. If you find out the damage early, your stucco won’t need to be removed. A qualified stucco contractor will help with the stucco inspection to maintain your durable and versatile stucco structure.

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