Common Causes of Parapet Wall Damage

Common Causes of Parapet Wall Damage

The parapet walls are low walls or railings to protect the edge of a roof, balcony, terrace  and other structures from wind forces.  Although they have practical uses in flat roof structures, they can create challenges.  These are some of the main reasons your building needs to look for an expert in parapet wall repair.

 Rainwater Staining

A beautiful building will become ugly with stains at parapet.  The most visual issue with parapet walls concerns rainwater proofing. The problem starts when a contractor fails to employ methods of minimizing rainwater pooling. Parapets should be sloped inward at the top to reduce pooling, subsequent dripping and rainwater staining.

Rainwater Deterioration

Rainwater can damage parapets via penetration besides the staining. This can come through the familiar freeze-thaw cycles or via sulfates and other erosive elements contained in rainwater. Parapet walls with brick on edge coping are particularly vulnerable to this type of damage. Specialists in parapet wall repair can advise you how to prevent and fix this type of damage.

Thermal Movement

Due to the change of weather, the parapet walls can expand in warm weather and contract in cool weather. The result may cause a variety of cracking patterns and require parapet wall repair from a specialist.

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