Why Waterproof Coatings Are Perfect for Stucco Painting

Waterproof masonry coatings were created especially to be compatible with stucco. Masonry products such as stucco and concrete are a cement mixture that can expand and contract as the temperatures vary. This means your stucco walls and fences need a paint that moves and stretches with the cement as the seasons change. Special coating products created with sealers and elastomeric components are stucco painting coverings that do just that. 

Rip Free

This specially designed covering is more flexible and durable than other types of traditional coverings because it contains more solids. With a consistency akin to acrylic paint, the coatings can be up to ten times thicker than other paints. Most importantly, the topcoats have the ability to stretch much more than their counterparts. That means while other areas of commercial painting crack when the stucco plaster walls expand, the elastic nature of the acrylic coating provides them with the ability to stretch over the expanding and retracting stucco without ripping, tearing, or shredding. 

Textures and Colors 

Stucco wall coatings can be found in many colors, but earth tones are considered the most popular choice by commercial building owners. Additionally, the coatings can be found in smooth and textured finishes that are easy to clean. No matter what type of stucco covered building you own, there is sure to be a color and finish of stucco painting that fits your needs.

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