Using a Gold Roller Kit at Home

For years, many people who wanted to take care of their wrinkling skin did nothing because they were afraid of facelifts and other surgeries. Microneedling technology put an end to these fears, with small needles allowing moisturizers and other medications to reach deeper into your skin. Now, thanks to further advancements, you can perform Microneedling at home.


Why Do You Need Microneedling?

A Gold Roller Kit allows you to reclaim your face's earlier appearance without surgery. If your entire face is wrinkled or you have some sags or lines on your cheeks or neck, Microneedling lets you tackle these areas.


What Are the Benefits of Microneedling at Home?

Now that home derma rollers are available, you can perform regular treatment sessions when you cannot go to your facial appointments regularly. You also can keep up your treatments while you're overloaded with too much work or even travelling.


How Do You Use Microneedling at Home?

Every night, thoroughly wash and dry your face, and then move your Gold Roller Kit gently across the areas you want to treat. Finish up with your regular skincare exfoliants, lotions, and other products.

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