Top Signs You need Parking Garages Repairs

Parking garages are easily overlooked. Yet these structures are truly workhorses that play a big part in keeping a commercial business flowing. Their unique strains - from high temperatures to frigid weather – mean they’re vulnerable to wear and tear. Do you know the signs? Here are top clues you need parking garages repairs

Evidence of Rust 

Whether on walls or via exposed metal, rusting is so common in garages most people overlook it. That’s a mistake. Rust stains along walls and elsewhere in a structure are covert signs of water damage that can be costly in the long run. 

Signs of Water Leakage 

Ponding water is a top signal that parking garage maintenance needs to happen and soon. Sitting water can ultimately penetrate concrete and lead to bigger, more expensive problems down the road. 

Cracked Concrete 

Physical impacts as well as the relentless freeze-thaw weather cycle can each lead to cracks in concrete. These create particularly vulnerable areas of structural weakness that can let water reach reinforced steel parts of your structure and destroy its integrity.

The time to act on parking garages repairs is the present. Whether you see signs of rust or old-fashioned cracking, connect with a reputable parking garage restoration specialist to discuss options and get back on track fast.


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