Tips to Print Your Photos in High Quality

Many times we see that we see on our digital camera, phone or computer screen a picture that looks great and clear, but when printed the final result leaves much to be desired.

From white edges, blurred images and even colors different from those of the original photo, the errors when printing are usually several, and cause us a big headache. But why does this happen?

The photograph must be of good quality

The conditions in which the square photo print was taken, as well as the quality and sharpness of the original image, are prime factors when it comes to obtaining a quality impression. For example, a photo taken at night without flash or lighting, will not have a good quality or to be seen on the screen, or when printing.

The weight of the file and the resolution are also factors. The cameras nowadays have more than 10 megapixels, so many times this is not the issue. The problem lies, for example, when we use programs for the edition of photographs that although they make the picture of your phone or computer look beautiful, they sacrifice resolution, and we see it in the final print.

The same happens when you want to print a photo downloaded from a social network, or sent through messaging services such as WhatsApp. These applications compress the original image to make it lighter, and thus not consume as much data in the shipment.

Size does not matters

Each photo, according to its resolution, has maximum dimensions in which it can be printed.

If you need it for a 4 "x6”, with a 3 or 5-megapixel image is enough. But as you are enlarging the size of the print, you need the same picture to have more resolution. If you want a letter-size print or 8 "x 10" you need about 8 or 10 megapixels to get a high-quality photo print.

Another important thing that you need to take into account is the dpi. This is a unit of resolution measurement that measures the number of individual ink or toner points that can be produced in a linear space of one inch. For a picture to go well, you have to work at 250 dpi.

Use paper for photographs

Whether you are creating best canvas prints, or for your creative projects, at Canon you will find the right paper for your needs.

Useful 'Tips':

The best way to guarantee the durability of your printing is using photographic paper and genuine inks according to the brand of your printer.

Remember that when you are going to use photo paper, you must indicate in the configuration of your printer the type of sheet you will use. Not all papers absorb ink in the same way, so by telling the different printer papers, it will apply a different type of printing.

Although when we print a photo, the team usually makes this transition of formats automatically, at a professional level it is essential that the editor himself does it.

This is done so that your final product (printed) is as close to what you are set on the screen.

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