Tips to Create Your Most Successful City Trip Album

The program of a city trip is often relatively busy, compared to that of a holiday; we always end up condensing all the must-see visits in one weekend. You will surely come back with a film filled with superb shots. Exploit them, instead of letting them pile up on your device! Create with our tips pro a photo book bringing together all the best moments of your trip. We offer some creative ideas for an outstanding city trip album, from book design to extras that will make all the difference.

1. Plan a print on the back

Print a title on the back of each photo book to enhance your collection of personalized picture album in your home. We recommend that you enter the name of the city you visited and the year of your city trip. Dubrovnik 2018, for example. Follow the same logic for each photo book of your creation, to obtain a consistent collection.

2. Add extras

Insert urban-inspired cliparts, frames, and backgrounds into your photo book. In our group, you will find clip art specific to London, Paris, and Rome. Do not limit yourself to this selection and use your creative talents to evoke other cities. For example, add bikes to remind Amsterdam, pizzas for Naples or a German flag for Berlin.

3. Match similar colors

Try to sort by color the pictures in your photo book. Some themes will appear to you by reviewing them - the typical London buses, phone booths, and red mailboxes, or the sea, blue skies, and umbrellas, in the case of Nice, for example.

4. Insert a card

You can import a place to your photo book from Google Maps. It is an ideal option to trace a trip or pinpoint the exact destination of a city trip.

5. Add anecdotes about your destination city

Photograph the most famous sites and monuments of the town and insert a story about them next to each shot. For example, 'Did you know that the Eiffel Tower is the most visited paid tourist attraction in the world?' next to a photo of this iconic monument.

6. Photograph the culinary specialties

Dedicate a double-page to the local gastronomy. Compile photos of typical foods and add notes to identify those that were or were not to your liking. They will serve as a reminder if you return to the same destination or benchmarks to advise your family and friends. Read our blog dedicated to culinary photography and follow our tips for getting great images.

7. Make sure to choose a representative background

Add a background is illustrating the city you visited. A map of your travel destination or an evocative image. The British flag, the Union Jack, if you have explored London, for example.

8. Place a stunning photo on the cover

Choose a picture of the silhouette of the city you have visited, for example, for the protection. Discover on the blog our unique urban photography tips for more creative ideas.

9. Make your city guide

Your family and friends will be happy to discover your advice through a photo album similar to a travel guide. Indicate the address of your favorite bars and restaurants as well as more specialized information such as the price of a meal or a ticket. Share your photo book and finds with your family and friends on their next visit. Browse our Porto guide for more inspiration.

Create your personalized photo book without further delay thanks to our tips. Select the photo book of your choice and get started.

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