The Best Serums for Beautiful Skin

The best serums can address some of your most serious skin concerns while giving you a high dose of healing care. The Active Repair Serum and Active Lifting Serum are both packed with potent ingredients to help you achieve your most beautiful skin.


For Damaged Skin

The best repair serums are designed to address those obvious skin flaws that come from a variety of sources, including:

  • Harmful UV exposure
  • The natural aging process
  • Other environmental factors

The Active Repair Serum is fortified with Copper Y3 and lactic acid. Combined, these ingredients help strengthen skin, boost elastin production, and reduce the appearance of skin damage.


For Sagging Skin

The best lift serums can help you combat loose, sagging skin for a more youthful and nourished complexion. The Vitamin C and fruit acids in the Active Lifting Serum help your skin produce more collagen naturally, resulting in skin that's tighter and brighter.

The Active Lifting Serum also contains resveratrol, which occurs naturally in certain fruits and helps extend the life of skin cells while encouraging new healthy cell growth. The result is skin that's visibly firm and plump.

Remember to apply your serum to clean skin before using moisturizers or sunscreens; this will help you experience the best results. Turn to brigitte BEAUTÉ for the best serums so you can enjoy truly gorgeous skin.


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