Stucco Repair to Last

Your stucco was built to last. You can ensure that it does by having the necessary stucco repair done on your property when it incurs small damage, before the problem gets worse. This kind of work consists of a qualified craftsman repairing the various cracks, blisters, and dings that occur in the finish. By having those items corrected when they are small, you can ensure that the finish of the entire building will last for decades. 

The Process 

The process by which the repair is completed is a fairly simple one that requires some professional training only to ensure that the exterior stucco repair lasts and blends in with the existing work. The craftsman will remove old and loose stucco first, to give himself a clean surface upon which to work. After that, he’ll repair the underlying surface with wood and wire mesh. The new stucco goes on over that, and blends into the existing materials. 

The Professional 

Stucco repair is a project best undertaken by a professional, in order to ensure that you get the same high-quality, long-lasting finish that you’ve enjoyed in the original work. A contractor that is familiar with stucco installation and repair will be able to provide a finish that you can be proud of for the life of your property.

About Adriatic Restoration

Adriatic Restoration has been operated by the same owners and under the same business name for 33 years. As a family-run company, we have provided quality industrial building restoration services for decades. My father, who brought me up in the business, taught me everything I know about work ethics. I oversee every job and take a hands-on approach to all our projects. As a person who was born and raised in Bergen County New Jersey, I have experience working with local businesses in commercial buildings throughout North New Jersey and Central Jersey.

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