Sidewalk Repair Curbs Guest Injuries

Cracks, potholes, debris and uneven pavement are more than just eyesores. They can become hazards to pedestrians and customers visiting your business. Sidewalk repair is the best way to prevent trip and fall injuries. Here is what you need to know about sidewalk injuries.

Reality of Sidewalk Injuries

If someone trips on your sidewalk, it could result in minimal damage. Almost everyone has experienced a trip and fall that left a scrape or bruise. However, falling on broken or uneven pavement can also cause the following severe injuries:

  • Concussions
  • Torn ligaments
  • Broken bones

The most common pedestrian injuries in the United States occur because of a cracked or uneven sidewalk. There are more injuries due to cracked sidewalks than being hit by a car.

Business Liability for Injuries

When someone is injured on the sidewalk, liability can be complex. If someone falls outside of your business and you are responsible for sidewalk repair, then your company could be held accountable for any injuries that a person suffers.

Repairs for Decreased Injuries

Sidewalks may become cracked due to water or root damage. Sidewalk services can repair the concrete to create a more even path for pedestrians. Pedestrians are less likely to trip over an even path, so you have less likelihood of facing a lawsuit. Additionally, it shows that you took proper precautions to prevent fall injuries.

Consider the sidewalk outside of your business as a part of your property. If you do not invest in sidewalk repair and someone suffers an injury, you could be liable for all injuries. Understanding the importance of sidewalk repair can save you the grief of a guest injury.


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