Despite the strong presence of digital media, physical media such as DVD and Blu-ray discs are still widely used—which is why DVD players are still in demand today. As you know, DVD players are coded per region to protect illegal content sharing. Here in the US, DVD players have the region 1 code, which means that if you have DVDs and Blu-ray discs released for the region 2 territories like Japan and Europe, you won't be able to play them using your region 1 player (and vice versa).


Due to massive file sharing via the internet, it seems as though region coding is no longer needed. That's why some people use software hacks to unlock the coding of their DVD players so that they can watch foreign-coded movies. The problem is that these hacks don't always work. Fortunately, region-free DVD players are now widely available.


Unlike software hacks, region-free players are guaranteed to work. They allow you to watch movies on DVDs without worrying about media compatibility. You don't have to search for various region codes because the internal hardware of these players is designed to play discs from any regions. You can play most types of videos and movies at any time. Aside from this, region-free DVD players have many other salient features:


  • PAL and NTSC Compatibility - Most region-free players are compatible with both PAL and NTSC, which are two types of color encoding systems. Some even allow you to view content with SECAM formats.


  • Dual voltage - Voltage varies by country or territory, so if you want a player that you can take with you when you travel, get a dual voltage unit. The great thing about dual-voltage region-free DVD players is that you can use them anywhere safely use them to watch foreign-coded movies.


  • USB input - Region-free DVD players come with better features with better functionality. Even without DVDs, you can still play videos of various supported formats through the USB input. 


Region-free DVD players tend to be more expensive than region-coded DVD players. Nevertheless, the convenience they offer make them worth their price. To get the best region-free DVD players, choose only the biggest and most trusted stores, especially when buying online.


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