Parking and Garage Restoration Contractors in New York City

If you own commercial buildings, high rise and apartment complex buildings, you probably have a multi-level car park structure or garage. You know these buildings allow parking that feeds critical traffic to your nearby business. They are also a major investment, and you expect them to service your customers for 30 to 40 years. But those structures sometimes take abuse from oil, harsh weather, de-icing chemicals, and customers. Contact parking garage restoration contractors in NYC for repairs or maintenance to extend the life of your structure. 

Damage Control 

Although often constructed of concrete that has been reinforced, large garages are still prone to corrosive deterioration. When a parking structure becomes cracked, spalled, oil stained, or develops holes or crushed columns, repairs often need to take place on the surface decking and the concrete itself. To prevent further additional damage, take corrective action and call a specialist in parking garage restoration in NYC. 

Corrective Maintenance 

Modern garage maintenance and restoration is much more than power washing and concrete repair. Science created new and improved expansion joint repair materials, spalling fillers, and sealants that experts can use to address issues on concrete walls, concrete pillars, and surface decking. After repairs are completed, have your garage restoration contractors in NYC top the repairs with a waterproof membrane that can add years of life to your parking structure.


About Adriatic Restoration

Adriatic Restoration has been operated by the same owners and under the same business name for 33 years. As a family-run company, we have provided quality industrial building restoration services for decades. My father, who brought me up in the business, taught me everything I know about work ethics. I oversee every job and take a hands-on approach to all our projects. As a person who was born and raised in Bergen County New Jersey, I have experience working with local businesses in commercial buildings throughout North New Jersey and Central Jersey.

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