A portable Blu Ray DVD player may not be today's hottest gadget to buy because of the availability of smartphones and tablets. But, for many people, watching movies on a portable Blu Ray DVD remains a great choice, especially when on the move. Their straightforward function and simple operation make them more desirable than smartphones. Whether in flight or on the road, you can bring this player to entertain yourself.


These days, Blu Ray DVD players have upgraded features to make them more portable. They have become smaller and lighter; some even come with straps so that you can install them in your car effortlessly. Aside from this, some models have a longer battery life so you can watch all the movies you want. Are you considering buying one? Here are some factors to look at:


  • Built-in tuner

This feature can get broadcast television signals from around the country. Most models have antennas like an old TV model, giving you a better viewing experience. Built-in turner is a great option if you run out of DVDs to watch or you want to take a break from movies to watch some news and other TV shows.


  • Web video cast


Since not everybody buys DVDs or store their movies in their USB, modern portable Blu Ray DVD players now have web video cast features. These Wi-Fi-enabled players allow you to stream videos, music, and other types of online content wirelessly. Some models even let you watch your favorite shows on Netflix, YouTube, and Bloomberg.


  • Blu-Ray and HD compatibility


Many people like watching movies in high-definition then; they would rather choose a model with a smaller screen resolution but can stream Blu-ray and HD videos instead of a model with a large screen but does not support those display modes. Are you one of them? You will be happy to know that manufacturers even offer 3D technology these days, allowing you to have immersive 3D experience even if you are on the road.


The best way to get the best deals on Blu Ray DVD players is online. Make sure to check the website's security and credibility prior to purchasing your portable Blu Ray DVD player. Reading some of their customers’ feedback can help you assess the reputation of a shop.


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