Krave Kratom Capsules: Pros & Cons

The Invention of Kratom Capsules

Before the capsules, it was the powder form that was invented, and there is a story behind it. First of all, it was only fresh leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa plants that were getting transported to different countries of the world. There was a vast kratom demand building up, but then the leaves were not suitable for this long-distance transport. By the time, they reached the destination, all went bad. Then the leaves were dried and powdered. With some more time, the kratom exporters and vendors realized that people would love something more convenient than kratom powder and thus come Kratom Capsules into existence.

How Are Kratom Capsules Made?

Starting from the first step, we are going to share how precisely the high-quality 100% pure kratom capsules are made:

  1. A team of trained people picks the leaves that are suitable for the products. The leaves should be mature – neither too young nor too mature. The team makes sure that no other strain or vein-color is mixed up in it.

  2. They are then checked by another team and remove all the stems or bad leaves that were missed by the previous unit.

  3. Now, the leaves are washed in lukewarm water. No chemicals are utilized to do so. It removes all the soil and dirt from the leaves. Then the leaves are sieved to remove the excess water from it.

  4. Now, the cleaned leaves are spread in trays and put into dehydrators. Once crisp, it is ground into a powder form. The powder is once again sieved to remove any significant bits of leaf from it.

Finally, the powder is measured in a particular quantity and sealed into a 100% vegan or gelatin shells. Finally, the capsules are counted, packed and shipped to you.

Pros & Cons

Kratom capsules are a more convenient form of enjoying kratom. It is extensively popular among the crowd. Now, we are going to weigh its pros and cons, so you know if it is viable for you to buy kratom capsules or not.


  • They start working in a concise time.

  • They have an extended shelf-life like the powder.

  • They are easy to store and transmit.

  • They are pretty practical, and not at all time-consuming.

  • They are suitable for both new and extreme kratom enthusiasts.


  • None.

Buying the Best Kratom Capsules

Since they come in shelled forms, you cannot test them. Hence, you have to be very chary while choosing the vendor. Make sure the vendor is reliable and trustworthy and is offering the genuine quality (pure). One way to ensure that is by ordering a sample of the pills before buying in bulk. If the vendor doesn't have that facility, it is better to avoid the vendor. Testing sample is a good option – always go for it whenever you are buying a new strain or switching the vendor.

Don't fret thinking where you can find such reliable vendors – we got you covered. Try Krave Botanicals' Krave Kratom Capsules. They got five strains – Maeng Da, Bali, Green Malay, White Thai and Gold. Above all, you can test the strains for only $4.95 for each sample packet containing 10 capsules.

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