Kratom 2018 – Year In Review

Though kratom products are extremely popular many are not fully aware of its origin and variations. Kratom products that we see in our daily lives are prepared from the leaves of these plants. There are several kinds of kratom depending on the color of the leave veins and the location of the plants. For example; Green Malay comes from the Green-colored vein leaves of kratom plants of Malaysia.

Kratom has been well-preserved as a top secret in those Asian and African countries for thousands of centuries. Yes, kratom products are a relatively new invention but not Kratom herb. It has a prehistoric existence. However, the entire world was unaware of it. Just a few decades back, the world got introduced to kratom, and since then there have been some new inventions whether it is a strain or product surprising the kratom lovers.

While standing at the doorstep welcoming 2019, we would also take a few minutes to review how 2018 has been for our beloved kratom. So, without wasting any more minutes let's get started:

  • Now Bali Is the Only Kratom Strain We Have. When we first came to know about kratom, there was only one kind of kratom – Bali. It was so popular that people when talked about kratom they used to refer to Bali Kratom only. However, there are many variants of kratom available depending on the location of the origin of the kratom plants and the leaf vein colors. Some of the new kratom variants we have now include strains like Green Malay, White Thai, Indo, Maeng Da and so on.

  • Kratom Is Gaining Huge Popularity. With the growth of the export and import business, there has been a steady growth in the popularity and mass acceptance of the kratom products around the globe. Even the new strains got as popular as Bali kratom.

  • All Kratom Variants Are Becoming More Accessible. Initially, kratom was available only as raw leaves. When it was shipped, people encountered an issue that the leaves went bad by the time the shipment reached its destination. Then the leaves were dried and powdered to extend the shelf life and for making it more convenient. Well, over time now there are formats which are even handier like Kratom Capsules, Kratom Tincture etc.

  • It's Easy to Buy Pure Kratom Now. High-quality, pure kratom is pretty costly for several reasons. It is not always possible to purchase the purest kratom as many vendors mix up other herbs in them to increase the volume and decrease the price. However, it is easier to get the pure kratom as best kratom vendors are selling their products online. Apart from offering shipping they also provide samples for people can test the product quality before buying in bulk.

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