Is India Ready for Driverless Cars, Or Its Still Early?

Ever wondered how it would be to have a personal vehicle at your disposal, wherever you are? Of course, not the cabs driven by someone else, while we sit back and relax. What about driverless cars? Cars that can drive on their own, and can take us to places when we set the routes?

The auto industry has grown over the years and has come up with some magnificent models of driverless cards with 3D mapping technology and many more effective monitoring devices. The big question, however, is its viability on our Indian roads. While there are some extremely efficient models available, many experts believe that adopting the same for Indian roads will take time.

The reason behind this is simple. We have our road rules, signals and definitely follow lanes, but not always. In big cities like Mumbai, where the roads are always brimming over with vehicles of all sizes and shapes, how do you think a driverless vehicle will survive? Can it cope up with the way an experienced driver does with the vehicle? Is a driverless vehicle expert enough to know the space available to cut through that heavy traffic? Not really, say how many believe that Indian roads still need a lot more transformation before it can be equipped to deal with driverless cars.

We are a country where people believe in travelling in comfort. That is why; the cab system is doing so well in our society. We also have adapted well to the self-driven car models available in major cities today and have done well with the idea of taking out a vehicle for a spin without a driver. But a driverless car will require a little more time for us to adapt, more so because of the conditions of our road.

It is not only the roads that need attention, but also the number of vehicles that are on the road at a time, and of course, those who fail to see a signal or a crossing before driving ahead. We need to account for so many things before our Indian roads and fellow drivers can acknowledge a driverless car for what it is and respect its mapping abilities. Hence, for now, we are happy with the self-driven rental cars and cabs to take us anywhere around whenever required.

About the Author:

This article is written by Sreejith Pariyarath, Marketing Head of Vroom Drive. Vroom Drive India Private Limited is the best online portal to hire car on rent in Bangalore at suitable rates. The company puts efforts in delivering person's needs while keeping up the most noteworthy quality standard check.

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