Ideas to Make Special Photos of Your Holidays!

Summer is almost over and the holidays are now just a memory for most of us! Do not let the best moments of your summer remain only in your head and in some corner of your computer: discover with us three beautiful ideas to print your vacation photos and relive those beautiful moments!

1. The gallery of memories

One of the most beautiful and impressive ways to make your summer memories indelible is a Personalized Photo Book. What do you need? Simple:

  • A "white" wall;
  • Some frames, better if of different sizes and shapes;
  • Your best photos;

Before starting, try to visualize the result you would like to get and throw down a project on paper. It will help you to understand how many photos to print and in which formats depending on the different frames chosen. Once you have decided, just send Pikbuk to print your pictures in the format you prefer. They have the pik tiles and pik printing options that are ideal choice to decorate your galleries with your favorite and memorable pics.

And now decorate your photo gallery!

2. Relax with the landscapes of your summer

The photo collage on wood are a beautiful gift idea for many occasions, but why not turn them into a unique and impressive piece of furniture? Select some photos of landscapes taken during the holidays: the lake at the foot of the mountain where you spent the summer, or the beach at sunset or even the view from the top of a skyscraper!

You can choose your image also based on the color of your sofa, and match the back of the pillow with the solid color that you prefer. Add a little note below to remember the place and year of shooting: you can enrich your unique and original pillow collection with every trip!

3. Amaze with the cover photo

A book is not judged by the cover, but the eye wants its part! Scroll through the photos you have selected and try to find the most effective or the one that best summarizes your holiday. A picture of the group dive or maybe a breathtaking view of the highlands on which you camped or why not, the detail of a beautiful shell found on the water's edge. The built-in cover images of pikbuks are also suitable for use.

4. Search for a common thread between the pages of your photo book

Sometimes it is enough to arrange the photos telling the story of the holiday to others as with every three pages you change the theme. The important thing is not to organize the photos at random (unless that is precisely the intent!) and always ask "why I put a picture rather than another?"

3. Tell the story of your summer

A timeless classic: the Photo Book, to browse and relive the best moments of your trip! On Pikbuk, you will find many different formats of books to print and keep your memories forever!

Less is better!

We know how it works: you're on vacation, and when you arrive there are so many things to photograph that you end up with hundreds of photos (not counting those of the phone!). For a beautiful photo book to browse, however, we recommend not to put too many photos on a page. Leave some space between the photos and remember: you can always add pages if the ones you selected at the start are not enough.


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