Ideas for the Extra Room in a Two Bedroom Apartment

When you're searching for apartments for rent, having a spare room is an option if you only need to use one as a bedroom. A two bedroom apartment gives you space to be creative with your extra room.

Home Gym

Many people keep their treadmills or exercise equipment in the living room due to a lack of space. With a spare room, however, you have the luxury of dedicating an entire room to fitness.

A yoga mat, dumbbell rack, weightlifting bench, towel shelf and television can fit nicely in your extra room. Having a dedicated place to exercise can motivate you with its comfort and convenience.

Craft Room

The extra space in apartments for rent can accommodate an area just for sewing, crafting, painting or other hobbies you enjoy. Outfitting a room with shelves and storage means your supplies won't clutter living or sleeping areas. Comfortable seating and good lighting are also must-haves in a craft room.

Game Area

People who enjoy online gaming know that the perfect setup requires lots of room. Serious gamers use multiple monitors, a computer hard drive, consoles, microphones with boom arms, lighting for video conferencing and a gaming chair. An extra room in your two bedroom apartment gives you a place for all your equipment.

You don't have to limit yourself to video games, however. Consider a table and chairs for board or card games. You may even find space for a bumper pool or foosball table.

When you're looking for apartments for rent, consider a two bedroom apartment to give you extra space to be comfortable and creative. You are limited only by your imagination.


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