Electrolux is one of the leading brands of commercial washers in North America. They are known for providing flexible and sustainable laundry solutions, promising functionality, productivity, and durability in all their commercial washers. Electrolux offers a wide range of washers for various commercial uses. Understanding how different they are from one another is the key to selecting the right Electrolux commercial washer for your business.


Front Load Washer for Large Laundry Loads


It is important to buy reliable and durable washers because these units must withstand rigorous everyday use. Choose easy-to-use washers that your customers can operate without trouble. The Electrolux Front Load Washer is ideal. This commercial washer is designed for heavy loads and comes complete with user-friendly control systems. It also has a wide opening, so your customers can put all their laundry into it easily. What's more, it helps you save energy and water by up to 50 percent at half load.


Professional Washer Dryer for Small Laundromats


If you are running a small laundromat, then this Electrolux commercial washer may be ideal for your requirements. It is a great space saver not only because it is smaller than other commercial washers, but also because it is also versatile. You may not need to invest in separate dryer machines for you can use it as a washer and a dryer. With a simple press of a button, you can switch from washing clothes straight to drying them. No loading and unloading is necessary in between, saving your customers more time in doing their laundry.


Side Load and Barrier Washers for Ensuring Hygiene


This commercial washer is designed to meet the laundry needs of hospitals, nursing homes, and food manufacturing sites where hygiene and cleanliness are paramount. Side load and barrier washers of Electrolux are the best solutions for preventing the spread of infections and contamination from. They are ergonomic, offering convenience and performance. They are also easy to operate with automatic inner drum door openings and the Certus Management® Information Systems.


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