An air compressor is one powerful machine used for various applications, from the smallest DIY projects to the biggest construction projects. It supplies air power to pneumatic tools such as jackhammers, drills, nail guns, and grinders. With a wide range of 220-volt air compressors in the market, making a choice can be bit confusing. How do you find the right air compressor for the job? Here are some points you should take into consideration.


  • CFM requirement

The most significant factor to look at when buying any type of compressor is the CFM requirement (cubic feet per minute.) You want to make sure that your air compressor can power up all the air tools you'll use for your projects. You can find your tool's CFM requirement on the user guide or the manufacturer's website. Air compressors with higher CFMs are needed in case you have to run two or more air tools at the same time.


  • Tank size

Tank sizes range from 6 liters to 500 liters. Although a bigger tank size is often equivalent to better performance, you should not go overboard. It is better to choose just enough air tank size for your needs. For small projects like tire inflating and spray painting, a 6-litre tank air compressor will do. For medium-sized air tools, you would need a 50-litre tank size or higher.


  • Oil-less vs oil compressor

Lubrication and maintenance are two of the many things that differentiate between these two types. Weight, usage, performance, and noise are also other factors that make one type more efficient over the other. If you want lightweight and easy to use air compressor, then opt for oil-less units. On the other hand, if you like units that run quietly and delivers optimum performance, then choose standard air compressors.


  • Portable vs stationary unit

Stationary units are only recommended for industrial applications or for building projects that need air compressors for their day to day operations. For home or DIY projects, portable air compressors that are less expensive and easier to use are good enough. Both types of air compressors are available online. In fact, you can purchase them at the lowest prices from a reliable online store for power tools.

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