How Do You Know It's Time to Replace Your Concrete Deck?

When you look at your business’s concrete deck, does it look like it’s in a state of disrepair? If it does, ask yourself whether you need to invest in concrete repair or concrete replacement and resurfacing. An inspection of your concrete deck can help you make the right decision.


Concrete replacement is best for concrete surfaces that are over 25 years old. Exterior concrete must weather the elements and after a couple of decades, it is easier to replace it than to try to fix it. Younger decks, however, may need a concrete deck restoration instead.


Concrete is a resilient material. Some cracking can be superficial and, in this case, repairs are necessary. However, if there is structural damage, the long-term solution would be to replace the concrete entirely. The sooner that you have cracks fixed, the less likely you are to have structural damage.


Concrete decks may be installed in large slabs. If the concrete begins to sink, it could mean that the subgrade wasn’t installed correctly. This problem can be solved through concrete repair, rather than a full replacement.

When the damage is irreparable, the concrete has to be replaced. Repairs and resurfacing, however, can add years to concrete’s lifespan. Adriatic Restoration provides concrete repair for landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, apartments and commercial buildings.


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