How Can You Repair Stucco EIFS Cracks?

Traditional stucco is an exterior material made from cement, lime, sand and water. EIFS or exterior insulation finishing system is synthetic stucco. It is composed of rigid insulation boards fastened to the walls, covered with mesh and a polymer-modified basecoat.

Business owners use synthetic stucco as a durable, crack-resistant finish for their businesses. If you have EIFS, can you repair it?

How to Repair Cracks in EIFS

To repair stucco EIFS cracks, a contractor will assess the damage and the severity of the crack. Caulk can be used in smaller cracks. Larger cracks may need flashing. If moisture has accumulated, contractors will treat affected areas with bleach and water to kill any mold. Then, they will rinse the surface with clean water and allow it to dry. EIFS can be painted the same way that traditional stucco is painted.

What to Do After EIFS Repair

Once your building undergoes repairs, you need to have regular inspections and maintenance. This will protect your building against the elements in the future. Synthetic stucco should protect your building against water damage, hence you need a contractor to locate all cracks and issues as soon as possible.

Adriatic Restoration provides contractors who can repair stucco EIFS cracks for landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, apartments and commercial buildings.


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