How Can You Prepare to Store Your RV?

To store your RV can be the best possible decision that you can make during the off-season. If you have an RV, you may want to consider self storage. There are a lot of benefits to self-storage. Still, before you Google “best storage near me,” consider what you’re going to have to do before you store the vehicle.

Wash and Wax Your RV

When you wash and wax your RV, you are protecting it against sun damage and buildup. When you coat your RV with wax, it helps with the cleanup and allows for easier storage. Once clean and waxed, you should also check the rubber seals or silicon seams to ensure that they are closed.

Disconnect Your Battery

If you plan to store your RV all winter, you will want to disconnect the battery. This ensures that the battery cannot drain your vehicle before you return. Make sure that you charge the batteries in advance. When the weather cools down, a fully charged battery will hold up better.

When it is time to store your RV between trips, you do want to ensure that it is safe and maintained in the mini self storage. Before you load the RV into storage, make sure that you have washed the vehicle and ensured that it won’t be draining the battery all winter long.


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