How Can I Transfer to 3 Bedroom Apartments Mid-Lease?

People upgrade from 2 bedroom apartments to 3 bedroom apartments for many reasons including growing families and improved financial situations. However, those changes in circumstances don't often happen when it's time to renew the lease. Switching from one apartment to another mid-lease can be tricky.

Tip One: Prepare a Negotiation Strategy

Even though you're breaking the lease, you're also filling a vacancy within the same complex. Find out how many vacancies there are within the complex and use that fact to help your case. The property owner may recognize that there are relatively few inconveniences, and the value of keeping you within the apartment complex outweighs those.

Tip Two: Don't Assume You'll Get a Negative Response

Some apartment complexes have leases with language specific to transferring from one apartment to another. There may also be language about transfers because of dissatisfaction with the unit. Approach your property owner or apartment manager confidently and positively. Prepare to discuss the following:

  • Existing living arrangements
  • Your reasons for wanting the change
  • Number of vacancies
  • Your willingness to pay a transfer fee

A respectful, positive conversation will go much further than demands or a negative attitude.

Tip Three: Show That You're a Responsible Renter

If your existing apartment is in great condition, you are much more likely to get your pick of 3 bedroom apartments. Packing up for a move is a great time to reduce your number of belongings and touch up any damaged paint or complete other necessary repairs.

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