How Brick Waterproofing is Beneficial

Brick waterproofing isn’t something that everyone knows about, or even understands how it can help. This treatment can help in a number of different ways, so it’s important to understand exactly how a brick structure will benefit from the process. 

Prevent Leaks 

Treating brickwork with a waterproofing material can help prevent leaks from getting into the structure and causing costly damage. Commercial buildings may be susceptible to these types of leaks if no one is specifically looking for them so preventing leaks before they start can be the best option.

Stops Spalling 

Spalling is the process of moisture inside bricks freezing and expanding, which causes the bricks to crack or break. A treated brick can keep moisture out and stop this damaging process.

Combats Mildew 

Mildew can grow fairly easily in a moist environment and getting rid of it may be a difficult process. Brick waterproofing helps prevent moisture from getting into the structure in the first place which limits the environment for the fungus and inhibits the growth of mildew.

Inhibits Efflorescence 

The exposure of bricks to water can cause efflorescence, an unsightly powdery coating of salt on the surface of the brick. Treating the brick before it is exposed to moisture can prevent this unappealing layer from forming and keep the structure looking as good as new.

Brick waterproofing can make a huge difference in the longevity of a building, so treating the bricks as soon as possible can help your building last for generations.

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