Helpful Tips for Finding Best Apartments

When it comes to finding the best apartment, there might be various opinions.  Many people think the rental cost is the most important factor; others might think the comfort and space is the key. Here are some tips to help you find an apartment that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Even though your lifestyle affects your apartment needs, you should consider the following factors first before renting the apartment of your dreams:

 Affordable Price and Down Payment:

Don’t look for apartments over your budget.  Set your range of budget and try to fit your rental price within the range.  Your monthly rent should be within 20% to 30% of your monthly income. Another factor to be considered is that many landlords require a down payment.  This usually includes the first month and last month’s rent and a security deposit for any maintenance or repair fees, if any, when you leave the property. Budgeting yourself is the key.

Rental Space:

Depending to your family size, you should choose a small, or larger space with enough rooms for your family. Generally, there are many plan sizes for each family’s needs, such as two bedroom apartments, or three bedroom apartments for a larger family.

 Convenient location:

Finding the best apartment also means choosing a place that is convenient for your everyday life.  Consider a place that is close to work, markets, and transportation. Choosing a convenient location could save you a lot of time in your everyday commute.


Does the apartment have a playground?  Is it close to good schools? Is it safe for kids to play outside?


When you look for an apartment, safety is always an important factor.  Is it a safe neighborhood? Since it wastes valuable time and money to move to different rental homes, you should do some research about the safety of that area before you sign any lease.


Many apartments provide cool amenities to residents such as clubhouse, swimming pool, playground, gym and so on. Ask your landlord for detailed available amenities that you can use and enjoy while living there.

Renting the right apartment for yourself and your family might not be an easy task; however, if you take some time to do homework, it will be easier and smoother than you thought.

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