Glass to Metal Feedthroughs: How Does Glass Bond to Metal?

Do you understand the vital importance of hermetic connectors? To construct packages of electronic components, vacuum tubes, incandescent light bulbs and more, glass-to-metal seals are important. In terms of commercial electrical applications, feedthroughs are crucial. When reliability is critical in your industry, it is even more important that you have dependable feedthrough performance. In many industries and applications, glass-to-metal feedthroughs are important.


How Can Glass Bond to Metal?

What you may be wondering is how glass to metal hermetic feedthroughs work. Glass mechanically bonds to metal or it can bond chemically. When glass bonds to metal, it creates industrial applications. The process involves using an electrical current. The current runs through a metal wire from outside to the metal package.

The hermetic seal has a few different components. For instance, there is the metal package, the pin conductor and a piece of glass between the pin and package. When you think of hermetic seals, one of the most common applications for you to visualize is the seal on a lamp bulb.

When it comes to hermetic connectors, there are a number of choices. To understand the materials used to create feedthroughs and to understand the uses can help make your decision easier. Glass to metal is popular and the two substances are easy to bond.


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