Getting Engaged on a Budget

Anyone planning to get engaged wants to be able to give his/her significant other a ring that shows how much that person means to them, but not everyone can afford it. Love doesn’t always wait for you to get enough money saved first. Luckily, there are ways to cut costs and still get a cheap engagement ring your future fiancé will love.

Consider the Base

When deciding on an engagement ring, most people jump to the stone, but that isn’t the only part you are being charged for. The metal used for the engagement ring can make or break whether you will be able to afford it. Many jewelers recommend a platinum ring, and for good reason, it is incredibly durable, but costly. Gold is a better option ring for an affordable engagement ring, and you can opt for white gold, if you want a more versatile color.

Setting the gem in a prong base, rather than embedded into the ring can help set off costs simply by using less metal. If you want to ensure the gem stays in there firmly, you can always get the prongs made of platinum. Keep the rest of the ring gold or silver to alleviate costs.

Buy Gems Made to Look Bigger

The centerpiece for your ring is a big deal, and you want it to look like a big deal, but a bigger rock isn’t always necessary for that. Certain cuts, like the emerald cut, have a more flat-surfaced area, giving the illusion of a bigger stone. If your significant other is all about sparkle, however, surrounding your centerpiece stone with a few smaller stones can give you the multi-faceted look that catches the light, without the need to purchase an expensively large rock.

Whatever you do, always consult a jeweler from a trusted store to assist you in finding something that fits your needs. Your budget should be the first thing you mention before getting into the details of the ring itself. A cheap engagement ring has the potential to be special and personalized for your significant other, but only if you go into the purchase prepared.


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