Financing Solar Installation

While home solar installation in OC ultimately saves homeowners money by lowered utility bills, the upfront investment can be high. Fortunately, there are a few places to cut costs, if you know how.

Finance It

A mistaken belief is that solar power equipment installation must be paid for up front. In fact, solar power installation is just like any other house upgrade - something that you can pay down over time. Choose a solar installation company with flexible payment options, including equipment lease or rental.

Consider Community-Scale Projects

Community solar is a model that lets households subscribe to a portion of a local solar farm and generate savings on their electricity costs. It’s not available everywhere, but it’s worth researching if costs are a concern for your home solar installation in OC.

Research State Programs

Just about every state offers reimbursement for fitting your house with solar power. It doesn’t erase the upfront cost, but can allow you to recoup some of the expense down the road. One California company helps arrange solar financing options that let people repay through special assessments on property taxes.

Paying for solar is easier than ever. Research the programs above or connect with the right OC solar company for financing and get on the road to lower power bills.


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