Easy Ways to Protect and Maintain Your Commercial Balcony

Keeping a concrete balcony on your commercial structure in good condition requires a little regular maintenance. You should look into concrete balcony waterproofing in Haworth, NJ to help protect it from the elements. In addition to concrete waterproofing, there are a few other tasks that help to preserve your building’s balconies.

Seal the Concrete as Needed

You want to seal the concrete every one to two years on average. Before you seal it, make sure that you clean the concrete thoroughly and that it is allowed to dry completely so ensure the sealant provides the highest level of protection.

Do Not Allow Stains to Sit

The longer a stain sits, the more likely it is to absorb into the concrete and become permanent. There are a number of effective techniques to tackle stains to keep balconies clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Immediately Repair Cracks

If you notice any cracks, do not allow these to remain or else they can get worse. You can have the cracks repaired quickly to prevent further structural integrity issues.

You can see that with a little maintenance and concrete balcony waterproofing in Haworth, NJ, you can keep this element of your structure in good condition. Just ensure that a reputable company takes care of the waterproofing and other tasks.

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