Dive Into Detox - The Oxygen Facial With Brigitte

Today’s frenzied lifestyle and environment may be conspiring to keep you in a persistent state of un-wellness. However, a couple hours of purifying and soothing your body might be motivation enough to keep tackling the world head-on.

The Oxygen Facial with Brigitte provides additional treatments for your lymphatic system and sensitive skin. Beauty is truly more than skin deep – these specialized therapies could help improve not only your physical features but your overall well-being.

The Need for Purifying and Soothing

Even if you’re too busy working or playing to notice that you feel a little off, the bags under your eyes, the irritated skin and those pimples could be warning you that more severe health issues are on the horizon.

Undernutrition, exhaustion and stress can be harmful to external appearance and internal health as they all theoretically chip away at your immune system. In addition to increasing the likelihood of significant illness, weakened immunity could make you more susceptible to sinus infections, seasonal allergies and developing/worsening acne.

Pollution and UV exposure are virtually unavoidable, and it’s not helping your skin. Conditions like clogged pores and extensive dryness typically dull skin tone and evenness and dilute overall resistance to blemishes.

Treat Your Lymphatic System

Congestion in your lymphatic system is probably what's causing your facial puffiness and dull complexion. The lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes transport waste from body tissues and carry white blood cells. When the flow of the lymphatic system is deficient or blocked, immunity decreases and cell toxicity builds.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a vital component of the Oxygen Facial with Brigitte. A gentle, physical manipulation where build-up is present encourages circulation, detoxification and a boost to the immune system. This massage is especially beneficial for people suffering from allergies, Couperose or sinus infections.

Oxygen – A Kinder Facial

Daily exposure to the sun can dry skin, weaken collagen and cause wrinkles. Outdoor pollution, makeup and natural oil build-up could clog pores, leading to possible swelling, infection and acne. Regular spa facials treat these problems, but chemical peels and micro-dermabrasion might be too intense for your delicate skin.

A medical grade oxygen infusion can handle almost any condition that a topical can. Concentrated nutrient-, mineral- and vitamin-infused oxygen molecules are sprayed into the outer skin layer. It is exceptionally gentle; there is typically no redness, burning or irritation. Furthermore, there is usually no wait to return to your standard skincare regimen.

The Oxygen Facial with Brigitte may be a necessary indulgence. Purifying and soothing your skin and your lymphatic system could have much more significant advantages than just your physical appearance.

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