Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring - 2 Reasons To Choose

2 Reasons To Choose a Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring

If you know that your partner is planning on proposing, you may have the advantage of choosing which style of engagement ring you want. There are many styles to choose from, but if you know which shape you prefer, you can narrow down your options. For women who prefer a vintage look, a cushion-cut engagement ring may be a perfect choice.

Antique Style

The cushion-cut diamond was one of the most popular shapes during the 1800s. The shape combines radiant and oval cuts to create a rectangular diamond with slightly rounded edges. The numerous facets and soft reflection of this cut give it a vintage feel, perfect for women who prefer an old-fashioned style.

The rounded edges also give this cut a practical appeal since they are not as likely to catch on clothing. This style also helps protect the diamond from chipping, making it a perfect choice for everyday wear. Celebrities such as Sophia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, and Bar Refaeli proudly wear cushion-cut engagement rings.

Reflective Cut

A cushion-cut ring has an average of 60 facets to make it look fancier than other diamond shapes. Due to the elegant cut, this shape is known for its incandescent properties. This style may not be as reflective as a brilliant round-cut ring, but this soft cut was originally designed to reflect candlelight, causing this shape to shimmer under low light. In recent years, the cut has been slightly modified to enhance its brilliance, but the style will always be known for reflecting a soft rainbow of colors due to the many facets.

Choosing the Perfect Cushion-Cut Ring

For a vintage look, a cushion-cut engagement ring is a perfect choice. The elegant style creates a diamond that reflects soft light while remaining durable and resistant to chipping. For a gorgeous, unique ring, choose a cushion-cut diamond to create a piece of softly reflective jewelry that showcases your personality.

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