Create a Unique Design with Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

It’s time to find the perfect ring. Whether you are shopping alone or together, you likely want something that will truly wow. There can be a lot to consider as you think about the shape and style of both the center stone and setting. With subtle rings of complementary stones, halo diamond engagement rings can give you just the pop you want.

Enhance Your Center Stone

The center stone serves as the most important focal point of any ring, and making sure that the piece is appropriately set can improve and balance the appearance of whatever shaped stone you select. With a variety of halo styles, you can choose from art deco, traditional and contemporary styles. A traditional look quickly complements emerald or Asscher cut stones with subtle contrast. Additionally, more traditional cuts, like princess and round, are taken to a new level of interest with unique designs. The setting also creates a more modern look when paired with a colored center stone.

Increase the Perceived Size

Engagement rings are meant to be noticed and to a certain extent size does matter. Halo diamond engagement rings appear larger than more simple designs, and they are an easy way to increase the appearance without extensive dollar signs. Selecting a high quality smaller diamond and placing it in this type of setting can help you increase size and sparkle without sacrificing quality.

Select the Right Setting to Finish Your Diamond

While halo diamond engagement rings can be a beautiful and stylish option, the wrong style can quickly become a disaster. As you shop, take into count the shape, depth and size of your center stone. The shape of the surrounding diamonds should match the curvature of the middle. Additionally, the width of the setting should match the width of the band, and the clarity of the surrounding stones should match the clarity of the larger stone to create a perfect balanced effect for your finished ring.

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