Concrete Balcony Repitching

What Does Concrete Balcony Repitching Entail?

All concrete requires maintenance, but this maintenance becomes even more important for the safety of a concrete balcony. Especially in inclement or wet weather, the concrete surface of a balcony can deteriorate, making the steel beams underneath susceptible to damage as well. Concrete balcony repitching helps ensure the safety and longevity of your balcony.

Assessing the Damage

When considering concrete balcony repitching, you may wonder how to determine whether your concrete requires maintenance. Cracks, wear, discoloration and dullness are telltale signs that your concrete needs some help. You will need professionals, however, to assess whether the damage is structural or superficial. While superficial damage can be resurfaced, structural damage calls for replacement.

Removing the Loose Concrete

Before a new overlap can be placed, your restoration company will remove the damaged surface of the concrete. This can be done in a variety of different ways, such as with industrial strength power washers, chisels, or demolition chipping hammers. This is an important part of the process because the surface receiving the new concrete overlay must be solid and smooth.

Laying Down the New Surface

The next step your restoration experts will take for concrete balcony repitching is laying down the new overlay. The thickness of this overlay will vary but professionals will determine the dimensions based on the damage to the concrete and the amount of loose concrete removed. Before pouring the new surface, the restorers will apply a concrete paint to the surface, which will allow the new concrete to seal tightly and securely with the existing surface.

Keeping Concrete Balconies Safe and Long-Lasting

Concrete balconies can last for decades, but only with the proper maintenance. To avoid the significant costs associated with replacing balconies, resurface your concrete before it is damaged beyond repair. Concrete balcony repitching can better seal out weather, improves appearance, and extends the live of a concrete balcony.

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