Benefits of Brick Repointing Repair

Prevent Water Damage With Brick Repointing Repair

 There is nothing like a beautiful brick exterior, but over time, your bricks can become loose or cracked. This allows water to seep in and compromise the stability of your building’s structure. Brick repointing repair, also known as brick tuck pointing, can easily fix this and prevent further water damage. If your commercial space has a brick façade, the following article will help you understand the benefits of this helpful process.


The Effects of Mortar Joint Degradation

 Mortar joint degradation and cracks provide water with the perfect opportunity to enter your structure. Brick tuck pointing repairs damaged mortar by tucking additional mortar into the compromised joint. In order for this to be done properly, the repaired joint must match the surrounding mortar. Many professionals use a vacuumed grinder during the brick repointing repair process. This will ensure that your surrounding bricks remain unharmed and that excess debris does not enter find its way into your building or the environment.


Benefits of Brick Repointing

There are numerous benefits to this process, including the following.

  • Maintenance of structural integrity
  • Improved physical appearance
  • Long-term protection from water damage

 All of these benefits are associated with brick tuck pointing. Just be sure to choose a professional building restoration company.


 Marvel at the Beauty of Your Bricks

 In short, brick tuck pointing can prevent water from damaging the structure of your building. The brick repointing repair process can also keep your building in pristine condition. You will be amazed at the beauty of your newly repaired bricks.

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