An Online Pharmacy You Can Trust

When you rely on prescription medications to keep you on track with your high cholesterol or high blood pressure, you can’t miss a dose. However, it can sometimes prove difficult for people to keep up with all of the medications they need to take for these chronic conditions. That’s where an online pharmacy like AmeriPharma’s MedBox comes in. With MedBox, you can get your medications sorted and delivered to your door. 

There’s no need to sort and organize your medications. The staff at MedBox carefully labels each dosage and puts it into a labeled pouch, making it nearly impossible to miss a dose. The packets are easy to open, so there’s no need to open a plastic pill bottle or pill organizer.


Take Charge of Your Medical Care

If you’re tired of running to the pharmacy to pick up another refill for your high cholesterol or high blood pressure, it might be a good time to consider an online pharmacy. We have pharmacists on staff that oversee the process and make sure everything is packaged accurately. Our staff can also fill urgent prescriptions. 

For non-urgent prescriptions, we work with your medical providers and insurance company to ensure that your refills are delivered to you before you run out. In addition to your prescription medications, you can also customize your order to include vitamins and over-the-counter medications.  


Save Time and Money

Fortunately, an online pharmacy like MedBox won’t cost you any more than you’re already paying for your prescriptions; in fact, you might even save on the cost of gas you would use to drive to the pharmacy, and you’ll spend less time waiting in line at the pharmacy. We work with your current insurance company, and your co-pays are likely to stay the same. Also, thanks to our convenient packets, you will no longer have to spend time sorting and organizing your medications each week. Whether you’re dealing with a heart condition, diabetes, or any other chronic condition, you can trust MedBox.


About MedBox, a free pill-dispensing service provided by AmeriPharma pharmacy

MedBox is a free service by AmeriPharma pharmacy. When our pharmacy fills your prescriptions, we sort and package your medications by the dose and deliver them to your door.

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