Are you considering buying a 6500 BTU air conditioner? Before you do, it’s important to understand what this appliance can offer. This way, you can determine if this is indeed the type of air conditioning system you need, or if you should choose a unit with a higher/lower BTU level. The following are some of the things about a 6500 BTU air conditioner to keep in mind as you make your purchase decision.

  • Better than larger sizes of air conditioners

Certain situations, a 6500 BTU unit is better than a 12500 BTU air unit. While the latter seems more powerful, the former is more effective and efficient. Oversized air conditioners provide better cooling, but they also waste energy since they cycle on and off too often. Aside from this, they can't also dehumidify effectively, leaving the room damp and clammy. Most of the smallest and lightest air conditioners have 6500 BTU. Installed in recommended room sizes, this type of A/C can provide comfortable cooling levels.

  • For bedrooms and small offices

The general rule of thumb requires 20 BTU per square foot. So if you have a bedroom or office that is between 100 to 300 square feet, then a 6500 BTU A/C is good enough. It can keep the room temperature at a comfortable level. On the other hand, if installed in larger rooms and offices, this type of unit may struggle to provide cooling.

  • Window vs portable units

6500 BTU air conditioners come in two types: Window and portable units. Many American homes use window units because they are more affordable and energy-efficient. However, this does not mean that portable units aren't great; they are useful in areas where window installation is prohibited. Many homeowners and renters opt for portable units because they are easy to use.

Like other home appliances, air conditioning units are also available from online stores where you can shop securely and conveniently. If you want to get the best deals, buy from a trusted online retailer. With their wide selection of top brands, you are sure to purchase a high-quality air conditioner for your home.

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