Advantages of Printing on Canvas over Normal Photo

To permanently retain their essential memories, people take photos in great abundance.

Every person's life is filled with exciting events and bright moments. But human memory, unfortunately, is not unlimited. Some activities that previously seemed important are gradually forgotten. To save these crucial memories, people take photos in great abundance, print them and arrange them on old and dusty photo albums.

There is a more interesting way to keep memories in the form of photos, namely to transfer pictures to the canvas. You can order a print on canvas on Akbuk. Our website not only provides canvas printing feature but you can also design your Photobook printing, Pik tiles that can be displaced, Pikprints on silver halide paper, and Pikdisplay for home decor. Printing photos on canvas have many advantages, which will be described below.

The main advantage of printing on canvas is the durability of the printed image. With the right combination of canvas and ink, as well as the availability of high-quality equipment and proper technology, the life of the printed picture will increase significantly.

As you know, the canvas photo prints has a natural, slightly rough and embossed texture, which is not found in the ordinary paper for photographs. It is, thanks to this unique texture, which the photos printed on the canvas will have a similarity to the paintings written in oil or acrylic. Printing on canvas will help to turn just a good photo into a real work of art, especially if you stylize the picture for the work of painting before printing.

The picture printed on canvas merely is pulled on a stretcher, inserted into a suitable frame and hung on the wall. Photographs printed on a paper must be framed carefully using a baguette and a mat, and also protecting from above with glass. Hence, there is another advantage of printing on canvas- a democratic and pleasant value.

A large format of printing on canvas will help to smooth out the imperfections of the image, which would be noticeable during normal printing. Such disadvantages include insufficient resolution of photographs, unsuccessfully adjusted shutter speed or aperture, and so on. For this reason, you can easily print photos on the canvas that were even made on the phone.

The unique texture of the canvas and the post-print processing of the finished picture with a special gel make the photo collage canvas look much more voluminous than those on paper. Also, gel treatment will not only give a snapshot volume but also make it more artistic, as the texture gel will simulate brush strokes.

The image of the photo on the canvas is realized with the help of oil paints. The image will turn out to be quite picturesque and bright, as if only that the painted picture by the artist. You can also form a collage of photos on the canvas, which will help create a comfortable home atmosphere and will also remind you of the happiest moments of your life.

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