A Great Trip? Remember It with a Personalized Travel Photo Album

Oh, the trips. So many moments to remember, be it a simple weekend excursion, a quiet family vacation or a study trip or a route through Asia.

Ah, digital photography. So comfortable and economical: you can make as many shots as you want without any cost and easily store your photos on your computer.

But do you see the photos you keep on your computer?

Give the photos of your trip the importance they deserve:  turn them into an attractive personalized photo albums that you will revisit frequently and have a series of advantages:

Goodbye to lose your photos again. If you have ever suffered the traumatic experience of losing memories of your trip due to a failure in your computer or hard drive or because the files are not compatible with your new software, think that from now on you will have a physical "backup" with your printed album

Collect and save all your photos in one place. Collect photos from different devices (camera, mobile, etc.) and different travelers: you can create your digital photo album collaboratively online with all your travel companions.

Do not download software. You will not have to download or fix any software that occupies space on your computer, since with Pikbukphoto books online, you create your travel photo album directly in your online account.

Help yourself with templates. The templates of the travel albums of Pikbuk will help you to organize the structure of the record but you can customize and combine them at will to get an album that suits you.

Do not bore the visitors. Have you ever wanted to show the photos of your trip to your family and friends and have you seen the ability to teach them one by one on the computer to a group of people? Is there something more boring? Let them sit comfortably on the couch and let themselves glance at their pace in an attractive travel photo book. We assure you that this time they will not flee.

Decorate your bookshelf. Do you know all those beautiful travel books of National Geographic and other travel guides that are so attractive in your bookstore or coffee table? Well, now you can join the publication of the photos of your last trip and give them the prominence they deserve.

If you still have uncertainty about how to create your travel photo album, here are some tips on how to get the nearly all out of it:

-          Think of a common thread. First, plan how you are going to tell the story of your trip and in what order your photos will go.

-          Select and give space to your photos. You do not have to include in your album each and every one of the photos that you took: instead of including many mediocre photos, select the best ones and compose a musical and attractive set every double page with them. Put the best photos or those that have more detail (such as group photos or the most beautiful landscapes) to larger pages or double page.

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