Many people who plan on traveling overseas buy voltage transformers that will enable them to use their electronic devices and appliances safely in their destination country. Those who want to use appliances that were purchased in another country may also require a transformer to use back home. Do you need one? And if so, what type of voltage transformer should you buy? Here is a short guide on buying voltage transformers.


  • Find out the voltage used in the country you are heading to.


If you are from the US and crossing to another state, you won't need to buy a voltage transformer because the voltage is the same throughout the country. Your 110v appliances will be safe when plugged into any 110V or 120V outlet. But if you are going to parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa where they use 220V to 240v, then you need a transformer. A quick Google will let you know what voltage a particular country uses.  


  • Know the voltage requirement of your appliances/device.


You will need a voltage transformer if you are going to use 220v appliances in the US. Perhaps the appliances were manufactured in Europe and other regions that use 220V to 240v. You will notice that some air conditioning units in the US are in 220v even though they are manufactured here. That's because of their large motors, which need a high voltage to start faster and run smoothly. Always read the label to see the voltage requirement before you plug in anything, to be sure.


  • Step-down vs. step-up voltage transformer.


You will need a ‘step-up’ transformer to allow a 110V to 120V power source to run a 220V appliance. You will need a step-down transformer to allow a 220V to 240V power source to safely run a 110V appliance. When in doubt, you can simply buy an all-in-one step-up step-down transformer. For dual voltage devices that run safely on both voltage ranges, a voltage transformer is not necessary.


  • Check store's reputation before buying online.


Buying household electronics and equipment online is convenient. However, you must be extra careful with choosing a store for your protection. Buy only from established stores. You can’t go wrong with one of the largest distributors in the country. Check and read their shipping policies, return policies, and payment methods before checking out. They should guarantee that their site is secure so you can make online payment with confidence.


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