7 Essential Tips to Make All Your Photos a Success

Children play, the sun shines, and the landscape is different: you are on vacation. But how to get the most beautiful shots under the sun as under the clouds? With the given tips for capturing best canvas prints, you will surely take the most beautiful pictures!

1. Use a simple background

A simple background emphasizes your subject. Observe the environment and the experience in the viewfinder: is there a lamp post directly behind your question, and your favorite niece wears earrings that may eclipse it?

2. Decentralize your topics

The center of the stage is the ideal place for an actor. However, the center of the image is not the best position for your subject. Let your picture come to life and place your subject next to the center of the image. Imagine that the image is crossed by two vertical lines and two horizontal lines, dividing the image into a 3x3 grid (like a tic-tac-toe game), and place your subject along these lines. On your camera, turn off autofocus, which tends to focus on what is in the center of the image.

3. Get closer to your model

If your subject is small, move closer one or two steps before taking the picture. Then zoom in to get closer: the goal is to fill the entire image with your subject. When this one is in close-up, you can see the fascinating details of his face, like his freckles or his slightly frowned brows. For most cameras, the minimum AF distance is 90cm (about one step): photos will be fuzzy if you get closer. Consult your camera manual to learn more, and avoid blur.

4. Stand at the height of the subject

Visual contact between subject and camera is essential in photography. Try to place yourself at thesame level as the person you are photographing, and adjust your camera at eye level. This allows capturing more intensity in the look, but also in the smile. When shooting a child, turn down or kneel down: you will get a more natural position of your subject by placing yourself at the level of his eyes because he or she does not need to raise his head towards the camera. This position also provides a more personal eye contact. Your subject is more relaxed, and your picture is more beautiful!

5. Keep your matters moving?

Move your subjects, and you will see: the photos are more attractive. Do not just watch, but be a director! A director takes care of everything: from the location of the picture ("everyone in the garden!") To outfits and accessories ("girls, put on your sunglasses!"). The director also positions his actors: "Smile to each other, without looking at the camera.” Take charge of his photo sessions does not require too much effort, but can take the most beautiful shots.

6. Photograph in height

Vertical photography can change the perception of length: if you get closer to the Eiffel Tower and you take a picture in "portrait" mode, it will look much more significant. And it works if you want to take a picture of someone jumping in the air, for example. So turn your camera 90 degrees when shooting, for more diversity in your photos.

7. Be spontaneous!

Staging can improve your canvas picture prints, but your subjects should not be asking all the time. Be spontaneous, and take opportunities to take original pictures of your loved ones. Photograph them when they relax, chat, or when they work and play, for a more original result.

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