3 Top Risks to Your Stucco and EIFS

Stucco and EIFs - or Exterior insulation and finish system - are popular for their versatility, but they require maintenance like any other building material. Crack repairs, stucco & EIFS waterproofing and more are among the top maintenance requirements to keep these materials in top condition. Learn more about types of repairs your EIFs may need.


Puncture Repair

EIF are uniquely vulnerable to punctures. These can come from weather events and even from pipes, fasteners and other building materials during initial installation. Impact damage that goes unrepaired can facilitate leaks and ultimately result in slow erosion and catastrophic failures.



Weather cycles can wreak havoc on any building material, including EIFS. Frequent rain and snow can cause moisture that accumulates in EIFs, promoting mold growth and erosion. Stucco & EIFS waterproofing is one way to prevent the cycle.


Improper Installation

Stucco or EIFS problems can also stem from improper initial installation. An example is stucco applied to flat surfaces, impacting draining. This can result in a water erosion cycle that will ultimately destroy your EIFs.

Stucco and EIFS are frequently used materials popularized by their durability. But they’re only durable if they are maintained. Invest in stucco & EIFS waterproofing, puncture repair or general inspection by a professional to ensure your EIFs system maintains its integrity for years to come.


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