Why you should port an Android app to iOS (or vice versa)?

Android and iOS are leading the tech world with its accessibility and user experience. Any app developer will choose a platform based on circumstances and available resources and most of the developers prefer Android or iOS as the platform for their mobile app. Android and iOS platforms have different languages and IDEs but they are improving from the past few years especially the two most prominent languages Kotlin and Swift. They have reduced the barrier between the cross-platform development.

Main reasons to convert an Android app to iOS or vice versa are:

  1. Android yields revenue in the play store through paid apps, ads and in-app purchases.
  2. Most successful apps with improved user experience and more unique features are available for these platforms.
  3. It helps you in expanding your market and reach out the target audience with two marketing tools to promote your business.
  4. Reduces the app development cost by converting an app instead of building it from the scratch.


Why to convert iOS app to Android?

Android is one the audiences demanding platform and also a flexible and easily customizable platform.

  • Android is capable of altering OS parameters to upgrade their functionality by removing useless functionalities whereas iPhone users cannot change interface or system fonts. iPhone users cannot install the app that is removed from the playstore whereas Android users can use APK and install such apps.
  • Google have provided many app development tools for Android. Various UI layouts are available and can be used according to the different screen sizes and pixel density.
  • Most importantly developed app must be able to handle the latest version of the OS.
  • Android provides features like physical back button, android intents, widgets and push notifications which helps to engage its users and enhance their experience.


Why to convert Android app to iOS?

  • iOS heads away in terms of speed and performance when compared to Android. iPhones have better hardware and software integration.
  • iPhone users can update iOS on day 1 or whenever they want. iPhone users can update to the latest iOS version more easily when compared to Android devices.
  • iOS generates more revenue when compared to Android and the users are more loyal to iOS apps.
  • Apple provides the best support and help for its users with a single tap into the database on Apple’s website and they can also use live chat with the Apple Store. Google doesn’t have this kind of direct relation with its users.

Most important factor to consider before converting Android to iOS or vice versa is the method by which the conversion is to be done. Make a proper layout regarding features, design, module requirements, graphics and UI/UX that you want to apply in another app. Evaluate the plan by checking the technical issues, libraries and third party services. Make sure that the app is tested thoroughly and functions similarly for both the platforms.

Converting iOS to Android or the other way round is a time consuming process and one cannot convert it with a single click. For this purpose one need to hire experienced team of mobile app developers. FuGenX Technologies, an award winning mobile app development companies India can help you in developing Android and iOS apps with cutting edge technologies like Swift at an affordable cost.

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06 Dec 2018

By Rachana
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