Top Reasons of Concrete Damage

Concrete is a composite material, which is extensively used in a wide variety of places in construction. From roads, bridges, and buildings, concrete is a reliable building material thanks to its resistant to deformation, durable, and long-lasting. It is a top choice for commercial applications. However, concrete can be damaged and fall prey to failure. When that happens, concrete repair is inevitable. Here are some of the top reasons of damage to concrete.

Freeze-Thaw Damage

Weather is typically at the top of the list for causes of concrete damage. Freeze-thaw damage is a deterioration process that occurs in concrete in cold climates.  Concrete is exposed to water via rain or snow, then, when temperatures drop, the moisture freezes. Since ice creates pressure as it expands, cracks in the concrete is inevitable.


Even though concrete is a strong and reliable building material, it does have specific load limits. Those limits are based on the density of the concrete, placement of reinforcement bars and other factors. Placing excess amounts of weight or other stress on a concrete structure, concrete cracks or failure will happen.

Sulfate Attack

Sulfates may be present in groundwater. Once the sulfate-rich water gets into concrete, where the sulfates react with cement elements, breaking them down and destroying the paste that holds the concrete together. When sulfate enters into concrete, concrete repair should be considered to prevent further damage to your concrete structure.


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09 Apr 2019

By Melisa Reed
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